Workplace Security: Keeping Employees Safe And Happy

The human factor is by far the most valuable asset for any business. No matter how big, small, or experienced, no firm or company can survive without the right personnel. People who are well motivated, organized, willing to learn, give their best, run an extra mile, do teamwork, are diligent, skilled and trained will ponder heavily on the success of a business. Keeping your personnel happy, satisfied, and safe should therefore turn into your number one interest.

Be Realistic!

It can happen to you. Office burglaries don’t only happen in the movies. They are common occurrences that, according to FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting, count for more than 25 percent of all burglaries. And we are talking about over 2 million burglaries on a yearly basis. So start by coming to terms with reality and be well aware of the fact that it can happen in your own office or workplace too. And perpetrators can very well be people you know, competitors, or strangers. Instead of thinking it could never happen to you, start being proactive:

  • install commercial grade deadbolt locks on your entrance doors;
  • have a powerful security alarm systems featuring sensors, light and sound alarms; opt for smart security alarm systems you can control right off your smartphone via bluetooth or wireless technologies. This way, you will be able to control your office printers, lights, or locks from remote distances. You will never be forced to go back to the office because you simply cannot remember if you did the lockdown before you headed home on Friday afternoon – or you do not trust your newest employees.
  • Get in touch with a commercial locksmith and have them do a full checkup on your locks, windows, and security systems. They have the experience to provide you with all the necessary advice and practical support in the form of quality locks, repair services, key duplicate making, security systems and the list could go on.
  • A fast car locksmith in Los Angeles that also provides residential and commercial services should have no problem reaching your address in about 20 minutes from placing an emergency call to their dispatch number. You can get in touch with the 24/7 Los Angeles Locksmiths at (323) 508-2592 and ask about their full range of commercial services, flat rates, response time, or let them know what it is that you are interested in and set up an appointment.
  • It is essential to only work with locksmiths who are authorized and insured/bonded as you are going to want to protect your business against any potential damages done to the doors, windows or locks during the repair or installation work.

Teach Awareness

Pay close attention to any sort of activity that might sound or seem unusual to you and analyze it up-close. Inquire it or report it and teach your personnel to be assertive nonstop. Work together with your employees to develop the best security plan that revolves around general rules of office safety, as well as their personal experiences with dangerous items or areas around the building or workplace.

Let The Experts Handle It

Your employees will feel a lot safer should you hire a safety guard at your front door or at least set up permanent meetings and discussions with local authorities, police officers, firemen, and authorized locksmiths. They know which are the biggest vulnerabilities you are confronted with every day and can provide you with the most valuable advice.

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