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Computer Consultant

As you would know, the information technology industry is incredibly dynamic and the rate of change continues to accelerate with the internet and cloud computing. With this rapid change we see more and more IT consultants emerging in niche areas.  Here at Certum  we understand the IT industry and service a number of IT consultants and contractors.

Over the years, David Cooper has worked both in and for the IT industry covering areas including:-

  • Software Development
  • Installation, training and support of Accounting Software
  • Computer Retail
  • Consulting
  • Business Processes Mapping & Re-Engneering
  • Contracting

David has previously held the status of Master Developer for Great Plains Software and SBT, and provided integrated solutions to industries including:-

  • Waste Management
  • Property
  • Transport
  • Large Scale Construction


As a business start-up specialist we can provide you with a comprehensive range of accounting, tax and business coaching services. To help you make the right opening moves in your IT business we have created a number of practical tools including a comprehensive start up expense checklist. This tool is designed to help you identify all your potential start up costs broken down into categories including leasehold improvements, IT, marketing, equipment, furniture & fittings, professional services, licenses and working capital. These figures then automatically feed into an integrated cash flow budget to help you identify any finance requirements and they can also tuck neatly into your business plan.

We are recognised by our clients and peers as a business start-up specialist and can offer you advice on a range of issues including site selection, tax registrations, insurances, HR matters, payroll and the preparation of a strategic business plan. Our brief includes helping you save money and it starts with the right tax structure and accounting software. We’ll factor in tax considerations, asset protection and future discount capital gains tax concessions because we believe you need to start with ‘the end in mind’.

Next, we will help you select the most appropriate accounting software for your business and factor in your business needs and level of accounting skill. Through one of our affiliate business partners we can assist you to obtain vehicle finance (chattel mortgage, lease, hire purchase etc.) and even get you a fleet discount on your new car that could save you thousands of dollars. That’s really just the beginning because as accountants we can offer you advice regarding business insurances and prepare some ‘what if’ financial scenarios so you know your business’ best and worst case scenarios.

Grow Your Profits

All IT consultants want to grow their business, their profits and their wealth. For that reason we strive to help you ‘know your numbers’ and that includes understanding the 4 Ways to Grow Your Business. If you understand the key profit drivers in your business we can talk you through profit improvement strategies and quantify the profit improvement potential in your business.

Our unique Business Accelerator Process is all about fast tracking your business success and the team of specialists at Certum offer IT consultants the full range of accounting, taxation and business coaching services including:

  • Start-Up Business Advice for IT Consultants
  • Advice regarding the Purchase or Sale of a Business
  • Spreadsheets and Tools including a Start-Up Expense Checklist, Business Plan Template and Cash Flow Budget
  • Provide Advice and Assistance with the Establishment of Your Business Structure (sole trader, company, trust, partnership etc.) taking into account issues like Asset Protection and discount Capital Gains Tax Concessions
  • Registrations for Business Name, ABN, TFN, GST, WorkCover etc.
  • Preparation of Business Plans, Cash Flow Forecasts and Profit Projections
  • Accounting Software Selection and Training
  • Preparation and Analysis of Financial Statements
  • Bookkeeping and Payroll Services
  • Tax Planning Strategies
  • Preparation of a Business Plan
  • Wealth Creation Strategies and Financial Planning Services
  • Industry Benchmarking and KPI Management
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Vehicle & Equipment Finance (Chattel Mortgage & Lease)
  • Advice & Assistance with Claiming Motor Vehicle Costs
  • Advice regarding Employee Relations and Workplace Laws
  • Business & Risk Insurances

We are so much more than just tax Accountants. We are business and profit builders who genuinely care about the success of your IT business. We service the needs of a number of IT professionals and offer you strategies to grow your business, your profits and your wealth. If you’re looking to get your IT business off to a flying start or want to grow your existing business, contact us today or phone us (03) 52779600. 

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