Customer Testimonials

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"Accountant for King Edward College, South Yarra. It is my pleasure to work beside David Cooper. David worked with us as an external accountant, but we have never felt this to be true. David's relationship with us has brought a positive professional knowledge to our business. David has been a key reason for our business success. David service formula to our business is essential and is the major reason for our growth. One of the major achievement by David has been successful negotiations with the ATO. David has always been more than happy to return call straight away. I consider David to be essential part of our team. I recommend David's services to all businesses. David's contribution was essential in defining and improving our Business. David from the very start undertook the complete analysis of our business. David is a highly skilled professional with a positive energetic attitude and an excellent work ethic.!"

"To all individuals & businesses seeking a better accountant! We have been clients of David Cooper for almost 7 years. Back in 2005 our small business was still finding its feet and we found ourselves swamped in taxation confusion, inside a book-keepers nightmare and quick and easy prey for high accounting bills by other accountants. That all changed when we became clients of David’s after following some good advice from our financial adviser. Now Certum Taxation Services, David and the team continues to support our growing company, and also looks after the personal accounts of its directors. A personal relationship with our accountant is important to us - trust & reliability are essential qualities when dealing with personal finance, and this naturally extends to business finance. David has helped us with many things over the years - from compliance and best practices/book-keeping techniques through to cash-flow management, budgeting, financial analysis and tax planning. The level of service that I want and need is always met (and often exceeded with compliance reminder phone calls, unlimited communication for advice etc) and I know with confidence that I will never be charged for anything without knowing well in advance. David has our best interest at heart, he is patient, responsible, his team is flexible and of course – he saves me money. I encourage you to arrange a time to meet with David – discuss your needs and consider including Certum Taxation Services in your wealth building and money saving team.!"

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