Ideal Clients

The type of clients we work with at Certum

There a 2 types of ideal clients: Investors and small business in growth mode

Initially when we first started, the typical client we worked with was probably 80% individuals and 10% small business. But this has evolved over the years due to many reasons like changes in technology including MYGOV and E-Tax, tax laws and client positioning.

Our main philosophy around how we work with these clients has always been that we are their companions on the or journey to success. We accompany them every step of the way on that journey.

And a typical journey could be likened to the Robert Kyosaki cashflow quadrant model, where client start out as employees, become self employed, become a business that employs staff and ultimately they become investors.

So we go through the whole journey with them and hold their hand. But we don’t just stop at directing them, we also get involved in the journey with their family.

Let’s just say the son of a client starts an apprenticeship as an electrician. Upon completion ge decides to go out on his own and becomes self employed. Later he employs staff and becomes self employed. As he becomes successful, he redirects some of his profits into property and becomes an investor.

We are their for the whole journey and provide advice every step of the way.

The concept of all of this is that we do not reject basic ‘I’ returns because they always have the potential of moving amongst the quadrants.

Our ideal clients  the investor or small business in growth mode.

One of our main focus areas are clients who have income to invest, that might be interested in properties, managed funds, cryptos or other investments. We take them on that journey and provide all of the necessary advice to assist them in their journey to wealth creation.

We set them up with the right structures and explain to them the cash flow, taxation and wealth creation implications for those investments.

We have a a lot of expertise in the purchase of investment properties  and negative gearing. We know what to look out for and can point you in the right direction.

The other focus area is small business in growth mode. Not only ar.e  they in growth mode but they are willing to look to us for advice and to follow through with that advice/

It’s one thing for us to tell them to do this and that, but if they are not prepared to listen and follow up, then there is no point.In addition to all of this, we also spend a lot of time assisting clients buying and selling businesses. Often, we could get a client that comes in as an individual who has worked as an employee for a number of years, and now wants to generate additional income or fire their boss!

They might be considering starting their own business or buying an established business. So we help them evaluate the business potential in terms of valuation and putting in strategic business plans to thrash out the opportunity.

We ask questions like. “Where are you now? Where do you want to be? When do you want to get there? Or ‘What do you think is a good price to ssk for your business?”

We basically analyze their business, assess Their historical performance and future potential, snd handle all the management information required.

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