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Harvee Pene

"If you want to go from mildly to wildly profitable, read this book. David teaches this simple truth: You weren't put on this earth to simply ... BREAK EVEN! Working with the Certum Advisory team you will learn that being wildly profitable isn’t about accumulating zeroes in your bank account, it’s about having the dollars to invest in your real wealth – time spent with your family, friends and life itself."

If you’ve earnt more money than you spent, well congrats, you’ve made a profit. Sounds pretty mundane when you put it like that. Where’s the joy, the happiness, … the freedom in that? As with most things in life, 'there’s another way to look at it – thankfully.'

Boost Profits is an in depth look at the essence of “profit” what it means to profit and how best to sustain profitability. This book not only focuses on profitability but how to grow beyond just keeping your head above water. The belief shared here is that you can progress from merely turning a profit to turning over a new leaf in the life of your business, meaning:
More time for yourself & the people you care about
Life changing profits year on year
Generational success that literally lasts lifetimes
Taking your business from mildly to wildly profitable is not a simple mission, but you’ve already taken a critical first step by reading this blurb. The next is even more important and it’s completely up to you.

Are you ready to Boost Profits?


You’re already putting in the work, isn’t it time to reap all of the rewards? We’re clear on the fact that we are measured by the pure value we create for and with you.

We want to help you create a business and a legacy that you’re proud of.

One that brings you joy as opposed to stress and one that also does good in our world too.

Oh … and a business that really works … so you don’t have to work quite as much.

And so the impact on you, your family, our community and our world is inherently positive … Inherently good.

That is why my hope for you is that by the end of reading this book, you’ll know exactly what you need to do to progress from merely turning a profit to turning over a new leaf in the life of your business.


Boosting Profits is essentially about one thing and one thing only – taking home more money to your family. You’ve probably heard the adage: ‘Revenue is vanity, profit is sanity and cash is REALITY’.

Well, it’s true. It turns out there are seven key levers you can pull to unlock more Cash, Profit and Revenue (or CPR) from your business

P – P is for Pricing

Higher prices can raise your profitability, and at the same time raise the esteem in which your customers hold you, and you hold yourself.

R – R is for Revenue

Your business can conceivably exist without profits (at least for a time), without staff, without taxes (if only) and a few other things, but without revenue, its days are seriously numbered.

O – O is for Overheads

Unnecessarily expensive ways of doing things – because a cheaper way has become available and you haven’t yet realised it, or because what started as a one-off splash-out but then became the norm – can sit and quietly gnaw away at your profits like a rat in the basement for years.

F – F is for Cashflow

Cash flow is so vital to your business that I’m sure you think about it all the time. But worrying about it is taking you away from other things you should be doing, like enjoying life and appreciating your family. So use these strategies to reduce your cash flow days, and you will be much happier because your business is much healthier.

I – I is for Investment

I am the first to admit that cash flow can be a bit of a heavy, technical topic so now let’s talk about that stimulating and energising (and ultimately rewarding) subject – how the investment you put into your business becomes an investment in your future.

T – T is for Taxation

When you put in the work to pull all those profit levers, work some client magic, refine and streamline your processes, assist and empower your team, and get your profit on the up and up, it would be a shame to take one step forward and two steps back thanks to tax.

S – S is for Surplus

In a world where we tend to spend all that we earn, four in ten of all business failures are due to a lack of cash flow. In other words, when the money started coming into these businesses’ bank accounts in healthy amounts, it started going out in even more unhealthy volumes.


Hi! I'm David Cooper

As members of Life Changing Accountants, we’ve made a public commitment to be driven by one thing:


An impact on the businesses and lives of our clients, and together with them an impact in our communities and our world. 

Our commitment, not surprisingly, is a total commitment to stand by the results that we create for our clients where –

R is for … Greater Revenues

E is for … Improved Equity

S is for … Surplus Profits

U is for … Supporting the UN Global Goals

L is for … Reduced Liabilities

T is for … Proactive Tax Savings

S is for … Scaling Cashflow

SO THAT we can proactively help our small business clients reach ‘THE R.E.S.U.L.T.S. BHAG aka Big Hairy Audacious Goal’ –

  • Doing 4 Days a Week
  • Working 40 Weeks a Year
  • Pulling 400K Profit p.a.
  • Building 4M in Wealth
  • Lasting 4 Generations

That is why I am happy to present to you the '101 Strategies for Business Owners' R.E.S.U.L.T.S. books​

“I proudly belong to Life Changing Accountants, a group of 101 like-minded Accounting Firms who have each contributed to these books.

We chose collaboration over competition SO THAT we can each make more of an impact in our clients lives.

This is why you’ll see a number of books with this same title, written in collaboration with my colleagues of the same heart. 101 Life Changing Strategies by 101 Life Changing Accountants.


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