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The property industry continues to drive much of the investment activity in Australia and Australia continues to feature prominently on the radar screen for domestic and international investors. Industry experts estimate that during 2012, Australia received about half of all real estate capital placed by funds in Asia.

Participants in Australia face a myriad of challenges as they seek to respond to the dynamic nature of the market. We are committed to working alongside real estate market participants in responding to these challenges.

Our services offerings to the property sector are broad, and extend to include:

  • Consulting – Accounting support, and financial statement preparation
  • Modelling potential outcome of a property purchase to reflect the impact on cashflow, taxation investment portfolio and ROI.
  • Advice on the impact of negative gearing
  • Assistance with the purchase of investment properties in conjunction with our affiliate partners; Majestic Property.
  • Taxation and Compliance Services – Tax structuring advice, tax compliance services, and Company Secretarial services.
  • Property Development

Our team has experience in working with the property participants across a broad spectrum of  of organization’s including:

  • Residential, commercial, retail, industrial and hotels
  • Organization types – construction companies, developers, funds, operators, private holdings and publicly listed enterprises.
  • Urban Land Authority
  • The Ballarat Brewing Company

Property, more so than any other industry sector, demands an integrated approach to service delivery – our team understands this and we are committed to work with you to help you succeed.

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