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Just how safe would say your car is at the moment? Do you have problems with your transponder key? When was the last time you had it reprogrammed? Do you have an alarm or a tracking device installed for extra security in case your car gets stolen? Little did you know, installing a car alarm, an immobilizer or a tracking device could contribute positively to your car insurance costs – namely, lower the premium. So it would appear that you have plenty of things to win by having any of these devices installed. Interested in knowing what else you can do to secure your car even further? Read on!

Get Extra Car Security Features

Get in touch with your insurance company and determine whats sort of security devices they will accept and which they will not recognize. Do this before the actual purchase or you might risk paying for something you will not be able to use. Keep in mind not all insurance savings will outweigh the outlay on your new security devices.

Around 25% of car insurance policies claim that discounts can be offered for installing immobilizers, whereas 23% of policies will offer discounts for having car alarms fitted to a vehicle. And while you might currently be disappointed at the thought that your own car insurance company may count among those that do not offer discounts for additional security features, it does not mean that you should give up the thought.

Where can you get car security devices for your vehicle? For starters, opt for a fast car locksmith in Houston and have them thoroughly inspect the state of your locks, including trunk and ignition. Drivers often times complain about jammed locks or ignitions that refuse to turn the key and start the engine. Transponder car keys are also prone to suffer from malfunctioning and they need permanent inspections and maintenance work performed by licensed automotive locksmiths who are trained to fix and reprogram them. When buying a car that had one or several previous wonders, it is best to also have the transponder system reprogrammed and new keys cut, so you can rest assured that none of the previous owners will still be able to gain access to your vehicle.

Keep Your Vehicle Locked At All Times

Not everyone does it, as simple and as much of a no-brainer this might sound. Thieves will have a harder time stealing your car should you always keep the doors locked, be it inside your garage or in front of the shop you have just pulled for a quick errand. Under any circumstances leave the engine running when you are not inside the car. Fail to do this and you will have your insurance invalidated in case you will need to make a car theft or burglary claim. The same goes for leaving your car keys in the car door.

Why Have Car Alarms Installed?

Because such a system will help you deter thieves from stealing your vehicle; the majority of modern cars come equipped with alarms or immobilizers. In case your car does not have one, you should consider installing a security alarm system or upgrading your exiting one to a better model. Just make sure you inquire whether this update operation will cut your insurance premium or not. An immobilizer will prevent the car engine from starting unless you present the right key to it, with no possibility of hot wiring the car.

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