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Entrepreneurship is on the rise worldwide, using the wings of the Internet, especially the mobile Web. We could say perhaps that this was inevitable in human civilization even just considering the worldwide spread of capitalism. And to the extent that our global network is used for business, it is part of that destiny — but of course work and enterprise are not the only or the main reasons people spend time online. The great diversity of life reflected by the world of the Web is also what makes it such a rich business development tool overall.


The New World Party


Isn’t it remarkable how playful Web culture has become? That is also to say that marketing and customer relations have become more playful, in order to match the fact that consumers themselves have more voice in the matters. One example we could point out (because of its global profits soaring into the billions annually) is the experience of gambling in a Web powered casino, which flips the authoritarian, almost oppressive control that has made the management and security teams at land based venues notorious. By contrast, online casino goers encounter a virtual atmosphere of warmth and community much like a social networking site (and people are playing games inside Facebook, too).


Everything from advertising to feedback from the public to the ways companies’ PR machines work has been forever changed. This holds many advantages from the points of views of entrepreneurs also. Arguably, smaller business owners and freelancers are in the best position to excel today. Because of the technology and new business practices of the Internet, even moms and pops can start their own e-casino community by licensing the software from one of many system providers that offer a turnkey solution in a white label manner that is easily customized by each affiliate.


The worldwide marketplace, although developed in structural ways by multinational corporations, has a population of consumers who are somewhat cautious and suspicious of the roles of these massive players. What is ‘in’ happens to be innovation from unlikely quarters, new ideas from young brands and startups, and generally more humane ways to do business and make money. If the first era of capitalism and industrialism had demonstrated a kind of rationalized recklessness (in the face of the environment, workers, international laws, and so on) then the next era hinges upon a much more conscientious approach.


The Stakes Are Higher Now


Not only is this more ethical, human-rights oriented regime that is emerging better for everybody concerned, it promises to be more fun, too. Starting a business using the Web to promote and communicate is not only infinitely more efficient than the old ways, there is more built-in enjoyment because interaction and pure play is part of the game.


When an entrepreneur understands this and acts upon it, the profitability involved could be more explosive than might be expected using benchmarks from the past. The Web opens new markets for even traditional business models, giving conventional operations the opportunity to access unconventional sales pipes and inventive forms of customer service.


Somehow, given the commercial climate on the rise today, getting a business plan right, given the ways the Web works, means there is more expectation for keeping it right. The public is aware generally of how rich the tools are that allow a business model to grow and to stay in touch with its audience, its customers, and to let them influence and guide the progress of a company. We can see this in our example above, with online casino businesses (some of them not run by huge corporations), such that the sites listed at classy casinos slots rely upon feedback from their communities of players to create promotions, select or produce new games, or ask for referrals.

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